10 Best Wedding Photographers in Europe (and more)

Best wedding photographers in Europe

These European wedding photographers travel to anywhere in Europe. Don't forget to ask the photographer if they can legally work in your country. We hope you find the right wedding photographer for your wedding!

Pasquale Minniti

Rome, Italy
25 Fearless Awards
My passion is photography. When I talk about it I refer to a real journey amongst colors, lights, shapes and more. It's a journey amongst moods, emotions, adrenaline. Thanks to my passion, simple ideas turn into shoot full of emotions. I love how photography can affect people. A single image can change the mood of a person from emotion to another in a few seconds.

My style is artistic and emotional. I like taking simple pics, simple but meaningful. I work with very few material and lots of craziness! With craziness, I mean that I have fun and make the couple have fun as well. Make them comfortable and do what they do in order to take a good shoot. This is possible only if I expose myself. Never take yourself too seriously, this is the main thing.

The perfect mix between reportage and posing is what I like to call 'emotional posing'. In my style of photography, I mix reportage and emotional posing. Follow the emotions and taking pics that show how people feel towards what they're doing and where they are. I love telling stories through my camera which is why at every wedding my mission is to tell the love story in a personal and unique way, letting the events flow naturally.

I want and can take fresh pics, normal and dynamic, full of emotions. Without the usual posing, I can emphasize the energy and personality that make every couple unique. I don't believe success is based on taking a beautiful photo but on the ability to take photos that can tell a story and can remind us of the emotions even after years.

Ralf Czogallik

Weert, Netherlands
20 Fearless Awards
Ralf Czogallik embraces his passion for wedding photography and combines it with a dedication to capturing the magical intimacy that is unique to each couple. In this way, he tells the story of their love and creates the setting for the exciting life that lies ahead for them.

Based in the Netherlands, he deals with couples from all over the country and, in fact, the world. This gives him the opportunity to create spectacular images using scenic backdrops that are just about as unique as the couples themselves.

His characteristic style infuses each of his pieces, despite their being tailored to the personalities and expectations of the individual couple. He sees the romance in every situation and communicates it in a very special way to create lasting memories and keepsakes. Ralf is about capturing the details, using these to communicate the passion and emotion of the couples, as well as of their families and friends. His photojournalistic style is effective in capturing the spontaneity of special instants - the proud look in the eyes of the father of the bride, the wrinkled nose of the flower girl, or the split-second glance shared by the new husband and wife.

In addition to this style, Ralf Czogallik keeps up with modern photography trends and works hard to maintain an experimental approach. This ensures that his images are ahead of their time, giving the couple a stunning way to immortalize their memories in a timelessly beautiful style.

One of Ralf Czogallik's secrets is to maintain a good sense of humour and a spirit of adventure in his method. Couples are soon relaxed and natural, which always translates well in images. This is coupled with expert editing techniques that bring out the best in the photograph and the couple, while maintaining the personal look and feel for which he has become so well known and respected.

Ralf Czogallik has won awards for his excellent pieces. These include a Bridal Photo Award and the Best Wedding Photographer of the Netherlands in 2013. His impressive pieces have been featured in Style Me Pretty, Green Wedding Shoes, Hochzeitsguide and Be.Loved. He is proud to be affiliated with Fearless Photographers, WPJA and ISPWP.

He speaks Dutch, German & English.

Rino Cordella

Lecce, Italy
14 Fearless Awards
Rino Cordella was born in Brussels, the European city where he could breathe as a child, some of the most important artistic movements that allowed him to open his own window on the world of art.

Then, with time and artistic maturity, he chose the magic and the energy of Salento to create his newest studio in Copertino (Lecce). And it's here that, through his shots, he shows and expresses the emotions of the photographer capturing unique moments with the sensibility of a storyteller, who is discreetly there to catch a smile, a look or a thought. For Rino photographing is always as telling a new story, a different challenge between passion and technique, a world to be represented with subtle sophistication... but above all it's a magic moment to be returned to those who, for one day, have entrusted themselves to the eye of his special camera.

He received numerous awards from various national and international associations such as the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) - AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of the WPJA) - ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers) - Fearless Photographers.

In 2010 he came in at 12th place in the AGWPJA final standings. In 2012 receives the QIP and the QEP qualifications in the Marriage category, two highly coveted certifications in Italy as well as in Europe.

Finally in 2013, his pictures are rewarded with one silver and three bronze awards during the FIOF Nikon awards contest that allowed him to qualify on the first position in the wedding category.

Ricky Baillie

3 Fearless Awards
I specialise in artistic documentary wedding photography, so ultimately my goal is to capture all the special moments of your wedding as it unfolds with a creative and artistic approach. I'm a ridiculous perfectionist and my harshest critic. I pour all my energy and soul into every wedding so that I am able give you a set of compelling and visually impacting images that even a complete stranger can connect with.

I love shooting weddings, and I do feel quite humbled that couples choose me to be a part of such a significant celebration in their lives. When my wife gave birth to the first of our two beautiful daughters, I instantly became obsessed with capturing real and unstaged emotion, be it a smile, a giggle or their ever developing personalities. It's the same with weddings. I get to be a "fly on the wall" freezing all these real and natural moments as they happen that you will be able to treasure for years to come.

My documentary style approach means that I can tell the story of your big day by getting creative from the sidelines, leaving you to just enjoy each other and have fun on the day. This also allows the wedding party to just relax and be themselves, and this is when the best moments are captured, (when you don't know I'm there)! There are however certain points during the day when I do need to step in to direct and create unique portraits (just the two of you together)!

Behind me is my gorgeous Greek wife, Lia, and our two little girls, Elle & Sienna. Lia will often be my assistant (a creative director if you like)! We make a great team and both love being part of such an amazing day.

I am based in Edinburgh, Scotland, but can shoot your wedding anywhere in the world.

Drop me an email so I can find out all about your wedding!

Damon Pijlman

Leiden, Netherlands
3 Fearless Awards
At Studio Damon, we passionately capture the most candid of moments on the biggest day of your life. We see the world from a different angle and creates perspectives that are fresh, fun and exhilarating. Each photograph represents a raw emotion of the day - vibrant colors, rich contrast and unparalleled playfulness.

A unique style that has a candidly editorial feel is our signature. There are no posed photographs as we feel that each moment possesses its very own emotion and can not be captured accurately through planning and control. Keeping with a natural feel, we effortlessly blend into the crowd and grab each spontaneous notion as it occurs. Our reputation for unobtrusively capturing every drop of real emotion speaks to our passion and love within our work. This love translates without question into the finish product. By far our favorite moment is experiencing our clients reaction when viewing their photographs for the first time - simply awestruck.

Each wedding becomes deeply personal; we fully connect to the atmosphere and people within it. This connection allows us to create photographs that not only serve to document, but are also independently works of art. The result of our unique approach creates surprisingly emotional moments captured beautifully. We look forward to discovering and documenting each and every moment that will truly take your breath away.

Luigi Rota

Como, Italy
2 Fearless Awards
I was born in Lecco on Lake Como, Italy, in 1973. Since I was14 years old I have had a passion for photography which I inherited from my two parents, both photographers. Today I am the owner of Studio Photo Fotorota based in Lecco (Italy) and coordinate a team of photographers and associates who work with me. I mainly specialize in reportage weddings. I work with many agencies and major companies. Many of my images have won awards for national and international competitions. With my photographs I take part in exhibitions. I made numerous editorials for national and international journals. I am an active member of the most important associations for wedding photographers, including: WPJA. AGWPJA, ISPWP, WPPI and Best of Wedding Photography. In 2007 I have received the important qualification in wedding photography QEP recognized by the FEP in Europe.

I work with popular wedding magazines: Vogue, White, Elle and others. In 2008 I was selected as a photographer from the NPS Nikon Europe, right after I was elected as teacher for workshops organized by the project with Nikon School in Italy. In 2009, I embarked on the adventure as teacher for courses and professional workshops on photojournalism wedding photography, taking many courses in several Italian cities. I work in postproduction and teaching courses in software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I dedicate much time to research and experimentation to improve and expand my work.

In my wedding reportage work, I try to capture real moments unique to each wedding, I look to capture the true emotions and sensations that people feel. I always use ambient light to keep the realism of the scene. With my recent research in wedding photography, I find a similarity with the photo in the film with the light of the cinema just as the photographer, I look to document and capture everything just how I am in front of me. With my reportage I want to tell a story in every wedding, my photographs must transmit the same sensations and emotions to the viewer. I love the black and white photographs for strong contrasts between light and shadow.

Michael Geyer

Stuttgart, Germany
1 Fearless Award
Fotografieren heißt für mich, die Welt zu entdecken. Mit der Kamera halte ich fest, was mir dabei begegnet: Wunderschönes, Wichtiges, Berührendes und Bewegendes. Denn das Besondere an tollen Fotos ist, dass die darauf verewigten Momente beim Betrachten wieder aufleben. Als wärt Ihr wieder dabei.

Seit 2008 ist die Kamera mein ständiger Begleiter. Mit der Hochzeitsfotografie begann ich 2010, als gute Freunde mich baten, ihre Hochzeit zu dokumentieren. Da hat es mich gepackt: Ich wollte den schönsten Tag ihres Lebens bildlich festhalten - aber nicht mit gestellten Gruppenfotos! Sondern, indem ich quasi unbemerkt dem Geschehen folgte und all die emotionalen Momente, die in solchen Veranstaltungen stecken, auf Zelluloid bannte. Das lag mir, das wollte ich perfektionieren.

Inzwischen darf ich mich zu den besten Hochzeitsfotografen weltweit zählen. Internationale Berufsverbände wie die ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers), Fearless Photographers und WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) haben mich in ihre Riege aufgenommen.

Hochzeiten begleite ich nicht mehr nur am schönen Bodensee - wo ich geboren, aufgewachsen und noch immer zuhause bin - sondern auf Wunsch überall in der Welt, auch unter Wasser!

Zusammen mit meiner zukünftigen Frau reise ich auch in meiner Freizeit überaus gerne. Dabei gehen wir am liebsten unserer gemeinsamen Leidenschaft nach: dem Tauchsport. Fernab von Massentourismus entdecken wir die entlegensten Flecken dieses Planeten und genießen die gemeinsame Zeit der wunderschönen Unterwasserwelt. Die Kamera darf hierbei natürlich nicht fehlen!

Ich möchte mit meiner Arbeit hinter dem Fotoapparat meinen fotografierten Hochzeitspaaren - also Euch! - ein unvergessliches Geschenk überreichen. Die Freude, das Lob und die Anerkennung, nachdem ich den Brautpaaren die Bilder übergeben habe, ist für mich die wahre Erfüllung all meiner Mühen als Hochzeitsfotograf.

Mein Ziel ist es, dass Euch meine Fotos Euer Leben lang ein Lächeln auf das Gesicht zaubern!

Kevin Wood

East of England
1 Fearless Award
'Be inspired...Be you' is my mantra. I am an established documentary wedding photographer based in Cambridgeshire providing stunning, contemporary, reportage and documentary wedding photography for discerning couples and I regularly photograph weddings in some of the most popular wedding and reception venues in Cambridgeshire, Essex, London, the UK and Italy. My work is sought after by many other creative professionals for my ability to create fabulous reportage and documentary wedding photographs that you are drawn to again and again.

From Cambridge to Cannes, Northampton to Naples, no matter where in the world I work, I believe your wedding day should be photographed sympathetically and unobtrusively. The day is about you and it is up to me to tell the story of your day in images that are loved for generations to come; images that will evoke that sense of anticipation and the tumultuous joy that defines one truly amazing day. Working predominantly with available light I record your day without the need to direct or dictate, create or contrive what happens as the day unfolds. Inspiration comes from observation, of people, of light, of composition and emotion; captured with skill, expertise, humour and passion.... I always love to share my creativity with people and naturally love to work with couples who appreciate originality, creativity and skill, and who have a shared sense of humour and passion for life.

Zibi Kuropatwinski

South West England
Zbyszek, representing Zibi Photography, is a dedicated wedding photographer that continues to imbue each of his unique images with a genuine passion for what he does. His images resonate with the couple, those close to them, and other couples that are perusing the portfolio in search of a wedding photographer for their big day. This is achieved by combining his love for weddings with his technical abilities.

Zibi Photography has a flexible style, but the images are made distinctive by a creative journalistic approach to wedding photography. He is simultaneously discreet and subtle in his presence, while ensuring that he does not miss any important moments. Having had the experience with a wide range of couples and the hubbub of a wedding day, Zibi is able to put the couple at ease about their photographs, allowing them to focus on the other elements of their big day.

Zibi Photography is committed to creating elegant, contemporary wedding photographs that communicate the individual personalities of the couple. So, there is no set formula, and your images will look like no other couple's. Zibi understands that each couple has their own dynamic and their own special 'way', and will communicate this via various photographic and editing techniques.

"We aspire to create detailed, original photographs that can be cherished forever. We want to be one of the best things about your wedding, after your wedding," says Zibi. With this in mind, Zibi Photography is cognizant of seizing the intimate glances, the glimmer of a tear in the father-of-the bride's eye, and the crinkled noses of flower girls. It is these details that make for some very special keepsakes.

To allow you to relax, get used to the photographer's presence and capture the pre-wedding excitement, Zibi suggests that all couples have a pre-wedding photo shoot and consultation. This guarantees that everyone knows what is expected, and can have the assurance of leaving this important occasion in the capable hands of Zibi Photography. In so doing, the couple's minds and nerves are eased, and Zibi is amply prepared to create something timeless, personal and modern with a definite splash of fun.

There are various packages available for couples wanting to ensure that their day is captured in a memorable way. These include options for pre-wedding shoots, online galleries, edited photographs, and bespoke wedding albums that make for stunning coffee table additions. Being based in England does not limit Zibi Photography to this region only. Rather, Zibi is willing to travel to destination weddings all over the world in order to assist the couple in their quest for the perfect photographs.

Nicolas Granier

Paris, France
Je ne suis pas un photographe qui se cache pour prendre des photos. Je me mêle à la foule, participe à l'instant pour prendre des photos au coeur de l'action, plus vivantes, plus authentiques. Je ne travestis pas la nature des gens, j'apprends à les connaître pour réaliser des photos en accord avec leurs personnalités. Ces photos ne sont pas préparées, je m'adapte à l'ambiance du moment. J'ose tout, sans aucune peur, pour un résultat original, dans tous les sens du terme.

Le rendu de mes photos à un style argentique et intemporel et quelque soit l'événement à immortaliser, je mets toute mon expérience en oeuvre avec la même mission et en adoptant la même philosophie.
Ma mission : Vous laisser de beaux souvenirs. Raconter une histoire authentique et riche en émotions. Vous faire vivre une expérience unique. Vous mettre à l'aise et vous rendre beaux au naturel.
Ma philosophie : Privilégier l'émotion de l'instant. Prendre du plaisir ensemble. Etre acteur de l'instant.

I am not a photographer who hide to take pictures. I mingle with the crowd, participate at the moment to take pictures in the heart of the action, more alive, more authentic. I do not disguise the nature of people, I try to know them to make photos in agreement with their personalities. These photos are not prepared, I adapt to the mood of the moment. I dare everything, without any fear, for an original result, in every sense of the word.

The rendering of my photos is a film like and timeless style and whatever the event to immortalize, I put all my experience in work with the same mission and by adopting the same philosophy. My mission: To deliver you beautiful memories. Tell a story that is authentic and rich in emotions. Make you live a unique experience. Make yourself comfortable and make you look beautiful. My philosophy: Give priority to the emotion of the moment. Have fun together. Be an actor of the moment.