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Hi! I'm Nele. I live in Gent with the best guy a girl can have. His name is Toon and I love him to bits. He is a master mixologist and barista, loves to dance *maybe* more than me, and we compete for the best hair of our house. Together, we have made my other two favorite humans on the planet. 
Rein is my firstborn and along with making us laugh everyday, her curious heart bombards us with 'why' questions hourly. Our littlest, Siebe, is also our hungriest and never fails to ask us if he can have a cookie about every 15 minutes of the day. I hope you look at each other the way Siebe looks at a cookie - with the deepest affection.  
I am a curious person. I adore travel and seeing the world in which we live. I believe it is curiosity that makes me love wedding photography so much. Being drawn to funny things that happen on a wedding day, capturing the subtle gestures and expressions people use to communicate with one another and all the unexpected moments that color the day, make me happy. 
And now enough about me. I hope to know your story, how in this great wide world you found one another, and be there for you on your wedding day!

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