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Simone Miglietta

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Hi! I'm Simone, nice to meet you! 
I'm a professional destination wedding photographer based in Tuscany and let me to know you something about me: 
I grew up in Florence, one of the most beautiful city in the world and full of art and history, and I can say for certain that I was influenced by Florence's art. 
Ever since I was a child, I have painted, played music (80s-90s Rock Music!), and more, but I found my medium in photography. 
Now my passions are listening music, working out, and having good dinner with my closest friends. 
My wife and my friends call me a dreamer and a joker. 
I love photography. It's a very powerful tool, is a way to communicate something and to tell a story. 
Few years ago I decided to became a wedding photographer and started to make big sacrifices to improve my wedding photography, because I love weddings: every event is a unique and extraordinary story. And being allowed in into the people's intimacy is a great privilege and a great responsibility. 
My goal is to tell through empathy, passion and irony the wedding day and bring back memories even years after the event.

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