Chris Denner

Chris Denner

Artisan X Photography

Based in Leicester

2 Fearless Awards

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We always say to our clients "We don't 'do' Wedding Photography, we take stunning photos at people's Weddings". 
Gone are the clumsy, stiff portraits of yesterday, and in is adoption a "photo journalistic" style. I always aim to make everyone feel at ease in front of the camera to make their Wedding Photography a really enjoyable part of your day. 
To put it into context - We don't do manufactured pop, and bland cover versions - To put it bluntly, we come from a much more original and soulful place - We are more AC/DC, The Beatles and The Ramones than X factor and West Life! Think more artistic than manufactured. 
I've photographed Weddings all over the world and love mixing romance with creativity and inspiration to create beautiful imagery. Your Perfect Day Wedding Photography by Chris Denner was created out of my desire to create a more personal type of photography for your wedding. 
I find that by creating a relaxed environment, I can create really natural and stunning wedding photographs. We pride myself on a more friendly, enthusiastic, honest service and promise to treat Your Perfect Day as unique.

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