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Juras Duo Photography are international award-winning wedding photographers. We were named the "Best Baltic Wedding Photographer 2012" - the most important award in wedding photography in the Baltics. We have shot around 100 weddings in Lithuania, Italy, France and England. We teach wedding photography in Vilnius College of Design. 
We are two wedding photographers shooting together, husband and wife - Matas and Paulina. We enjoyed our own wedding day so much, that we concluded relating our lives with weddings. Wedding photography to be precise :) 
We love the atmosphere of weddings. The tenseness and excitement, sweating palms and joy that leave you breathless. And the tears of happiness! How many times in your life do you cry of happiness? 
The most important part of wedding photography is telling the story of your special day. We always strive to build personal connection. So we can create pictures you'll love a lifetime. Check our website for slideshow/wedding stories - we make them special ;) 
We are available for weddings worldwide. We can tell your story anywhere you are getting married!

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