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Photography has been a journey for me, capturing precious, intense, and unrepeatable moments during my solo travels. From the remote areas of Himalayan Asia to the boundless expanses of Tierra del Fuego, this art form has become intertwined with my two strongest passions: travel and photographic reportage. 
My personal reportage photography style emerged as a language of love, driven by the desire to gift small pieces of dreams and convey the emotions that bind people's hearts together. This approach holds true even on the most significant day of celebrating love. Everything revolves around the instant-the briefest imaginable moment-where a thousand spells unfold, and memories create wonder and enchantment that last a lifetime. 
For over ten years, I have been capturing the most beautiful moments of couples' lives, both in Italy and abroad. Each wedding is a unique tapestry of moments that deserve to be told through the eyes and heart. This is the essence of my art: to narrate the beauty and emotions of the occasion, making this precious moment eternal. 
Throughout the years, my works have garnered global recognition, been exhibited, and I am honored to be a photographer featured on VOGUE.