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I love wedding photography. Every single bit of it. I am all about taking pictures with feeling. That means portraits and candid images of people doing special things. I'm not excited by taking pictures of squirrels or mountains... I do try... but I live for the rush of capturing the moment. A picture that will be looked at, cried at, seize up throats and have people hold hands a little tighter. For lifetimes.  
I started my career in events as a musician. I have been blessed to witness over 1000 weddings in the past 17 years. I live and breathe weddings, it sounds horrendously cheesy but I am at my very best when surrounded by people full of nerves, excitement, hope and happiness and of course love. I find taking great pictures to be the most rewarding thing I have ever done - when I'm not chasing my little girls around!  



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