Our mission is to showcase the work of photographers who strive for distinctive wedding photography while fostering a community for learning and support.

Fearless Photographers is the right place for you if: 
- You strive to make distinctive wedding photography for your clients when you don't have to. 
- You believe in working to improve your photography year after year. 
- You care for the well-being of the Earth and its people. 
- You don't want to be predictable, ever! 
- You love surprises. 
- You want to be fearless. 

At Fearless Photographers, you're not just 1 of 52,994 photographers.

Your Fearless Photographers membership includes: 
- A professional public-facing Fearless Photographers profile page with a photo gallery showing examples of your work and your contact details.  
- Outbound links to your website and social media profiles. Being linked to from a well-known directory may help boost your website's SEO and help search engines recognize the legitimacy of your business.  
- Free photo entries for consideration for Fearless Awards. Fearless Awards are photographs that are deemed exceptional by a panel of guest judges. 
- Access to our private Facebook group and community of Fearless photographers. This group is more like a family dedicated to supporting and encouraging each other as we strive to do the best for our clients. 
- Innovative projects and fun activities. Because who doesn't like fun?!  
Fearless Photographers membership is open to professional wedding photographers everywhere. 
Membership to Fearless Photographers is $99 USD per year for each photographer. Membership is free for one additional photographer from the same photo studio or company.  
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Founded in 2010 by Huy Nguyen, Fearless Photographers is a family-owned micro business based in Olympia, Washington State, USA.