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Our mission is to showcase your amazing wedding photography to the world.  
Our other mission is to provide support, encouragement, and community for photographers striving to do our best for clients.  
Our other, other mission is to encourage everyone to care for our planet Earth. 
Membership Benefits include: 
- a Fearless profile page with your photo gallery and information 
- links to your website for SEO benefits 
- monthly feature on the Fearless Facebook page with over 230k followers 
- free photo entries for consideration for Fearless Awards  
- inclusion to private Facebook groups 
- use of our Availability Requests feature 
- inclusion in a unique community of Fearless wedding photographers 
- on-demand viewing of educational photo critiques sessions 
- innovative projects and fun activities 
Membership to Fearless Photographers is $99 USD per year or $10 USD per month.  
Membership is open to professional wedding photographers everywhere. 
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Founded in 2010 by Huy Nguyen, Fearless Photographers is a family-owned micro business based in Olympia, Washington State, USA.