Membership is open to professional wedding photographers around the world.  
Fearless Photographers strive to make amazing photos for our clients, strive to better ourselves, and strive to take care of our planet.  
We strive. Everyday. 
Your Pro Membership includes: 
- a Fearless profile page with your photo gallery, information, and contact form 
- display in a Home location in the country that you actually live in 
- display in 2 additional locations that can be anywhere in the world 
- a minimum of 40 free photo entries for consideration for Fearless Awards each calendar year 
- inclusion to private Facebook groups 
- use of our Availability Requests feature 
- participation in a unique community of Fearless wedding photographers 
- discounts to the annual Fearless Conference and other events 
Pro Membership subscription is $69 USD every 6-months or $139 USD every year.  
Click here to APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP or see more information at Frequently Asked Questions. 
Thank you, 
Huy Nguyen 
Founder and President 
Fearless Photographers Inc.