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I think that wedding photography has to be spontaneous, full of life and celebrate love, that is what impassions me in this profession. 
My style is a combination of classic photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture with just enough interaction, relaxed, candid and fun that show off the real you.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

I'm located in Fribourg but i work in all Switzerland without any extra traveling cost

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

i shot about 250 wedding in the last 8 years


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We reached out to Alexandre initially, like everyone else, because we were drawn to artistic style that he demonstrated in his portfolio. We received our full wedding pictures last weekend and they went beyond our expectation. Alexandre has his unique take-on angles, poses and lighting, yet still respects our requirements when it comes to taking portrait pictures with guests. He is also able to do his job in incredible discretion, which eases the pressure of the new weds, especially during ceremony and first dance. He manages to capture the day from various perspectives. We got to see what Read More went on behind the scenes, between the guests- their interactions, reactions and blessings.

Thank you Alexandre for capturing the best moments of us.
Un photographe aime les formes, les couleurs, les sourires, le contact humain, l'ombre et parfois la lumière. Bref, un curieux ... à la recherche de la photo, celle qu'il aimera plus que l'autre,... Éternel insatisfait, la perfection le ronge.

Quand nous lui disons qu'il est le meilleur, il ne nous croit pas.... Tant pis pour lui... Il est sûr d'aller au-delà.

De la faire, celle qui nous fait ce choc, cette infinie satisfaction de nous regarder en face. Telle est sa force, sa sensibilité et sa modestie.

Alex, c'est la certitude d'une satisfaction pour toute la vie, en toute Read More simplicité. Ne passez pas à côté de cette chance, arrêtez vous juste un moment... Il fera le reste. Il figera à toujours ce qu'il a y de plus beau de vous et en vous.
Alexandre is a magician photographer who has several magical equipments to be a special one.Firstly, he has nice smiles that make all the people show the true emotions, and sometimes they don't even know that he is shooting them at all!Secondly, he has the ability to be invisible at the venues and among people. We could never imagine where he was until we saw the amazing pictures. Additionally,he is an artist who plays with light so well, and creative at any venue for incredible pictures. Even simple black and white pictures can be beautiful like pieces of art works in his hands. Finally,he Read More has some special magic with his cameras, with which he captured the moments of our big day in the images that truly reflected our joy and happy tears. We are so lucky and grateful to have you there with us for the whole day!Thank you very much, our magician photographer friend!

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