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Jana Julian

Jana Julian

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My intuition has always been my guiding light. I like to follow the path that naturally unfolds, in life, as in photography. While my inquisitive and romantic nature are what push me to express myself, I have this urge to capture moments and communicate feelings visually. I gravitate to the genuine and organic, it nourishes my heart. Photography is a part of me. And I can't get enough of new places and faces. 
"When words aren't enough, Jana Julian knows she can rely on her camera to express her romantic, inquisitive nature. A lifetime of travel, discovery and curiosity have led Jana to create a home wherever she lands, with her camera being one of life's most treasured constants. Her images shrug the expectations of traditional wedding photography, documenting every moment and ounce of atmosphere of the day with excitement and authenticity. Above all, the images Jana creates are natural - just like the moments they preserve. Jana is a constant traveler and is happy to travel to international destinations."-Junebug Weddings
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