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I have spent half of my life working as a photojournalist. One day I realized that I could no longer see bad things. 
Since that day I have chosen to work as a wedding photographer. I would have photographed love and joy. I have never regretted it. My path in photography is to capture moments, To preserve memory. 
There are special days and moments in the life of all of us. 
The union of two human beings in the complicity of marriage is a unique event and I am very happy to witness it through my work. 
I am a wedding and portrait photographer. I live most of my time in Italy and Rome is my home. 
I speak Italian, of course, English and Spanish. I love to photograph and to be among people, I am a calm and thoughtful person, I am pleased to help couples feel at ease. I listen to their requests, because this is their magical day.

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