A Message from Huy Nguyen

As the founder/owner of Fearless Photographers, Inc. and as an American, I stand against all persistent forms of racism and injustice in this country, including the police brutality that we continue to witness. Amidst all the sad news, it is encouraging to see so many people rising up and speaking out. I fully support Black Lives Matter and other organizations that continue to lead the way toward lasting change. 
There is much work to be done. The words of Dr. Lee Pelton, president of Emerson College, resonate with me:  
"This is not a black problem, but a structural issue built on white supremacy and centuries of racism. It's your problem. And until you understand that, we are doomed to relive this week's tragic events over and over again. What changes will you make in your own life? Begin with answering that question and maybe, just maybe we will get somewhere."  
In the photography industry, Fearless Photographers is committed to building relationships, participating in difficult conversations, and working toward needed changes in addressing racism and bias. I will work in support of everyone in these common goals. 
Thank you,  
Huy Nguyen 
Fearless Photographers Inc. 
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