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Alessio Marotta

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Each wedding holds its own singular essence, never to be replicated. This belief fuels our commitment to crafting genuine narratives that eternally preserve the spontaneous emotions, ensuring they become cherished memories. Our mission is to seize the most poignant moments, meticulously capturing every detail and nuance of your special day. Our approach exudes authenticity, amplifying the inherent spontaneity of each instant. 
At Almafoto, we revel in narrating every tale through the lens of photography, forging connections with the couple and their loved ones. Safeguarding your memories is paramount to us, from the initial preparations to the anticipation-filled moments leading up to the ceremony, and from the first exchanged glances as newlyweds to the jubilant toasts and smiles during celebrations. 
With discretion and elegance, we stand by you, upholding professionalism, accessibility, and warmth as our guiding tenets. Each narrative is a singular masterpiece to us, painted with originality and ingenuity. The unique elements that define your wedding will become enduring memories, encapsulating the subtle nuances of everlasting love.



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