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Paul Catunescu

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Who is Paul? 
I am a man like you, like the others, but one with a perfect pleasure for photography. 
Through photography I feel pleasure, peace, relaxation and harmony. I love taking pictures. I love to take pictures. I love capturing those frames. 
After all, the pleasure of every job is to love what you do. 
Although I finished the mate-info faculty, I decided to choose with my heart, and my heart chose Photography. 
I started posing at the age of 16, somewhere around 2000, in the most popular clubs in Baia Mare, at that time. 
Since 2012 I started posing at events, and to this day, I still dedicate myself to them. 
I pose in the county, in the country, but also abroad. I had the joy to pose in France, Belgium, Bucovina, Cluj, but also other wonderful countries and cities. 
I gained the experience over time, through involvement, dedication and work.