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I was destined to fell in love with two forms of art since I was a kid. Photography and music.These two defined me as a person and still do. 
Photography, because it allowed me to "hear" the sounds through the amazing colours of nature, the big city, people and animals. Music, because it made me able to "see" pictures behind the sounds and notes. 
I started with photography at the age of 17, when I first held a DSLR camera in my hands. Good for me, I realised right from the start that this was my passport to travel, meet unique people, get connected with them and capture their laughs, tears of joy, moments of happiness and passion. 
Through the wedding photography I become what I like to call a "moments' hunter", creator,narrator and director of stories. After every wedding, the experience and the strong feelings I lived seem to magically outweigh the fatigue-both emotional and physical-of the many working hours. Present in every step of your big day,my team and I are collectors of all the details that you'd like to remember forever.



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