10 Best Wedding Photographers in the US (and more)

Best wedding photographers in the USA

If you don't mind covering the travel fees, here is a comprehensive list of all Fearless Photographers members in the United States from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Denver, Philadelphia, Boston, New York, and more....

Raymond Nguyen

Sacramento, CA
2 Fearless Awards
"My name is Raymond Nguyen ... and I am a storyteller"

I have had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember. Since a child, I was delighted in how a moment can be captured through the lens of a camera, and how time stands still within the frame of a photograph. I approach every project with professionalism and a will to deliver quality and value to my clients. I believe that exceptional photographs can only be taken in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and so I make every effort to make sessions as enjoyable as possible and to put clients at ease.

When I first used a camera, several years ago, I would never have imagined I could become a wedding photographer. Bang and I opened our first studio in Elk Grove, near Sacramento, experimenting in different styles and adapting to the needs of the local clientele. Little by little, we realized what we were looking for in our photos was emotion, which still life or classical studio photography could not offer. Real people, their expressions, their emotions, this is what we wanted to capture. Choosing wedding photography was a natural consequence, as it offers the unique opportunity to capture human emotions in all their shades.

I believe it is in the nature of humankind to be attracted, and sometimes, upset, by what is different from us, as in a way it represents our opposite, our contrasting personality. I never found it easy to show my emotions and my sensitivity, to express my real self and let go completely, displaying my vulnerability. I guess this is why what attracts me most in weddings: the ability to capture the emotions expressed without filters, with no fear of showing what you really are and what you are feeling. A smile, a hearty laugh, tears you'd like to hide, an emotional hug, these intimate moments fascinate and seduce me, and this is what I base my photography on. Static poses created with affected emotions are not my cup of tea; I want true spontaneity.

Noelle Adams

Chicago, IL
The comment I hear the most from people about my wedding photography is, "I feel like I was there." I love hearing that because I know I have captured the essence of a wedding through my photos.

Raw emotion is what drives my photography. As a visual storyteller my goal is to capture the raw, spontaneous moments that make up a wedding day and to show your unique love story through photos. My goal is not just to make incredible photographs, but to make images that truly capture the relationship between two people in love. I love the whole flow of the wedding day, from the excitement of a bride getting her hair and makeup done with her closest friends and family, the moment that she puts on the dress and her dad sees her for the first time, the moment her nervous groom sees her walking down the aisle. That is my favorite moment of the day. I feel honored to document a couple's love story on the most important and intimate day of their lives.

I offer packages with photography and some video. Using photos from the day, music, audio and video footage, I create a wedding trailer that tells the story of the day.

Why do I include video? Photography freezes a moment in time that you want to remember for the rest of your life. Video brings you right back to that moment and allows you to relive those moments. Bringing in all the elements of photography, video, audio and music together, I create a complete emotional story.

Ryan Brenizer

New York City
Serendipity worked out pretty well for Ryan and Tatiana Brenizer. Both wedding photographers with more than 10 years experience each and more than 1,000 weddings between them, they didn't mean to fall in love with the photographer whose work and style fit most seamlessly with theirs ... it just kind of happened. Realizing that they loved not just each other but the work they produced together, and that they are one of those weird couples who like being around each other literally all the time, they decided to merge their business in 2016, giving a two-for-one effort for clients not just on the wedding day, but with service and communication throughout the entire planning process and beyond.

Ryan comes from a photojournalistic background, having covered each U.S. president since Clinton. During his coverage, he has been blessed by the Pope, stared down by Muhammad Ali, manically gained at by Stephen Colbert, and had his photos of Smokey Robinson featured the in Kennedy Center lifetime tribute ceremony. He teaches wedding photography in lectures and workshops around the globe, with a specialty in "what to do when everything goes wrong." He is ranked as one of the Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World by the two top industry magazines, American Photo and Rangefinder.

Tatiana has worked in essentially every aspect of the photography field, from editorial portraiture to corporate product campaigns, but found her love in weddings more than a decade ago. She has an extremely long list of overjoyed clients, with a lifetime perfect 5.0 customer service score, and a tradition of amazing photojournalism and innovative, playful portraits.

Together, Ryan and Tatiana are the only independent photographers to document the U.S. presidential candidates the last time they meet before the election, and have photographed weddings around the world, including Chile, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Ireland, the Bahamas, and many more, as well as essentially every street corner in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

David Braun

Lake Tahoe, CA
Initially, I was somewhat intimidated at the prospect of shooting weddings professionally, as a business.

Fortunately, that changed after my first summer as a wedding photographer in South Lake Tahoe, California and I never looked back. The feedback I received during weddings and upon delivery of the final product motivated me to continue my pursuit of wedding photography. Today, I am an experienced wedding photographer, having shot weddings in downtown Sacramento, the California foothills, Quincy, Truckee, Reno, and almost every venue in Lake Tahoe.

I am deeply passionate about photography and capturing the most meaningful moments of your wedding.

I specialize in a photojournalistic approach, documenting your day as it unfolds. As a seasoned photographer with a wide range of freelance experience, I know how to anticipate the unique, natural moments of a dynamic event. I spot the key moments, big and small, that you will want stunningly, permanently recorded.

Creativity, attention to detail, and dedication define the services provided. Whenever possible, I utilize both my artistic skill for shooting the natural environment and and my experience as a wedding and event photographer to produce timeless, compelling imagery that truly captures the moment and the place you have chosen to get married.
Formal or casual, you have a vision for your wedding and I would like to be there to tell your story with my camera ...

Faraz Essani

Long Island, NY
Faraz is based in New York. He continues to explore his journey of purpose. His interest towards nature, moments, people, culture and life motivates him to continue his explore and capturing the moments. He has been traveling around Asia in the past few years and then he finally decided to settle in the New York City - the city of dreams. Faraz Essani Photography focuses on specializing every genre of photography and continue to learn, explore, master, discover and invent the art of capturing the beauty in this world. Faraz wants to make sure that he's reachable and accessible by everyone and Is excited to give back to society as he follows his journey.

Faraz and his self trained Cinema team specialize in a moment-driven approach to creating candid, natural photographs that capture the true essence of each wedding and story. Faraz loves to create art and is ready to travel destinations to capture the everlasting moments! For these moments are locked inside our memories and forever they will stay, let us gift you the everlasting key to those moments. Love is what motivates and inspires us. We are so blessed to be able to photograph and film the love stories all around the states. We are passionate and spontaneous, fun and sarcastic. We are big thinkers, dreamers and visionaries. We seer the magic of the moment, genuine smiles and raw emotion that can't be recreated or posed. Sometimes In life, there are no words that can describe an experience, feeling or what's happening around us.

Darshana Rajput

Chicago, IL
DARS Photography is based out of northwest suburbs of Chicago and currently taking reservations for 2018 & 2019 weddings as well as other major photography events. We serve greater Chicago area & the surrounding suburbs. Our team is also available for travel nationwide. We specialize in South Asian and American wedding photography (Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Arabic, Jewish, Italian, Latino, Polish, and many more). We have an extensive portfolio which can be shared upon request. Please see our events page for more details.
All of our work is artistically retouched and prepared to your satisfaction. Please check our Google reviews on our latest projects!

A little about Me!

Being a mother, I would always capture photos of my son not wanting to miss a moment of him growing up. As they were called "shots" by me, my husband called them something else.....real moments, memories! And the journey began, as my husband started to support me, although he was jealous in the beginning that my photos came out better. But, happy at the same time since both of us were competing to photograph our life...our son! As he grew, I was jokingly told that I should start taking professional photographs. After repeatedly hearing this suggestion, I decided to give it a shot and start thinking creatively and artistically. The photos came out really live and sharp. The weather turned sunny all of a sudden around me. In pursuit of perfection when it comes to photography, I decided to get some high-end gear and give it a whirl. Some of my close friends showed support by booking a fine portrait session. I was also given a chance to photograph a wedding, but for free since I had to prove myself first. It was a big day for me, a day to photograph a Chicago wedding, an Indian wedding. The wedding day of the beautiful couple turned up very prismatic for all of us. Wedding photography became a passion and obsession thereafter and my goal to capture timeless images of husband and wife solidified instantly. I was excited to make each couple's big day uniquely personal by sweeping each perfect moment.
First one went superbly well and it gave me extended motivation. After watching many youtube videos successively and taking certain key online classes, I learned all the techniques that professional photographers use to bring each image to life. I also shadowed professional photographers, videographers, and cinematographers who have been photographing for 20+ years. Their years of experience and style of fine art photography inspired me to work harder and make each wedding day just perfect! My husband says that the amount of work that is involved in professional photography is really tedious and boring, but I absolutely love it. My passion is to make sure each of my pictures tell a story, seize the moment and make it resplendent and theatrical. I am a big fan of love stories. I aim to translate language of your emotions into photos, bring them out and freeze in time to be cherished forever. Only then, I feel like I have succeeded or made my clients happy, in an amicably photojournalistic way. My ultimate goal is to become your photographer for all your events, especially a wedding photographer. My ambition is to capture photos of your beautiful wedding in a documentary style, as an ultimate photojournalistic wedding. With your help and support from friends and family, I also want to turn DARS Photography into an award winning photographer. I have lived in Chicago all my life and would love to incorporate Chicago style photography by collaborating with all the wonderful wedding vendors. My objective is to make your wedding album stunning and breathtaking. I review brides magazine routinely to get new inspiring ideas and offer free engagement session on some of my wedding packages. There are many top Chicago wedding photographers and I learn something new from all of them, hoping to become the best wedding photographer.

Kate Pullen

Outer Banks, NC
I have a passion for storytelling and traveling, and I believe that spontaneity is the key to capturing emotion- and being prepared for anything! I received a BA from the Friends World International Studies Program of Long Island University in 2000 after studying in East Africa, Central America and Middle East. After graduating, I lived and worked in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and soon thereafter made a "stop over," or so I thought it would be, on Hatteras Island - a tee-niney (that's a southern vernacular for really small) sliver of sand off of North Carolina. I never expected to call Hatteras home, but I met Daniel, (my now husband) and well, here I am. In 2003, we combined our interests, talents, and work experience together to launch our photography business. We are an eclectic business and bring our work in surfing, journalism, and advocacy to the table alongside our wedding, portrait, and commercial work. 14 years, and a lot of shoots later, we're still as in love as ever - with each other and the work! (That's a huge double plus, right?!) After seeing the significant benefit of attending Foundation Workshop for Daniel in 2016, in January of 2017, I attended Foundation First Wedding Photojournalism Workshop in TX. I have seen it revitalize my work, enable me to be consciously aware of the intricacies of moments and light, and fine-tune my individual voice as a storyteller. A little bit about my personality: I'm not flashy - I live in my running clothes, no makeup, ponytail, kind-of-a girl, and I don't like it when attention is on me - funny, because most of the brides I work with are like that too. So, with that in mind, I approach how I shoot based on how I'd want someone to work with me. I'm engaging but not disruptive, directing but not demanding, present but not front and center; most of all I want my clients to feel at ease, comfortable, and know that I will photograph the moments that capture the best them - because who they are is beautiful.

Sean Lara

Denver, CO
I'm Sean, and I'm a full-time wedding photographer based in Fort Collins, CO. I don't fabricate moments or force fake emotions - I'm a storyteller. Capturing real, candid moments is my priority and putting creative twists on the photos makes them pieces of fine art one can hang on their wall, display on a coffee table, or show off to family and friends. Being a photojournalist at heart, I strive to make all images feel natural, relaxed and not over-edited while creating keepsakes that are colorful, fun and unique. Because everyone is different, I see every client uniquely and try to cater each photoshoot to match your personality in the best way possible. I love mountains, nature and architecture and try to incorporate as many of these elements in every wedding and portrait session I can. Join me on an adventure session - let's so go somewhere truly unique!

I started my career as a photojournalist for the Orange County Register in Southern California. I took what I learned from that experience and applied it to the world of weddings which has brought me where I am today. As of 2018 I've shot almost 400 weddings and hundreds of engagement sessions and other events. Today, my wife and I love capturing couples' love stories in Colorado and througout the country. We offer wedding, engagement, boudoir and all types of portrait photography. Send us a message and let us know how we can capture your special moments!

Iryna Shostak

Philadelphia, PA
Wedding photography to me is about these important things:

Connection- Showing deep relationships in photos is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer. I am always looking to create photos for my clients that will evoke special memories of their wedding day for decades to come. My style is best suited for couples are willing to spend a few hours on their wedding day to create these beautiful, timeless and romantic photos that show this special connection. In Ukraine, it's not unusual for the bride and groom to spend 3-4 hours on photography! t I LOVE couples that want to go to multiple locations and really maximize their investment in their wedding photography.

Details- I know that every element of your wedding was chosen with care, so I want to show the beauty in the fine details of your day. I carefully use lenses that will bring out the best angles of in the photos I take. I use telephoto lenses whenever possible for portraits to create dramatic backgrounds and I use macro lenses that show every facet of the ring. My experience as a teacher in Ukraine means that I know that the devil is in the details, so I am very organized in my approach to your day. I can wrangle big groups of people with ease, and I make sure no detail is missed!

Light-For centuries, light has inspired artists. It's always important, and I am continually seeking new ways to utilize it at weddings. The art of wedding photography depends on the photographer understanding how light will impact a scene. Whether I am using natural light to enhance a photo or if I am setting up carefully controlled lighting situations such as a night portrait my goal is always the same; to create a photo for you that you will consider art.

Sasha Reiko

Seattle, WA
Years ago I spent all my time abroad photographing my way through street markets in search of mind-blowing street food and handmade artwork to bring home. I loved riding scooters through palm tree groves and getting lost. I fell in love with capturing different cultures, expanding my perspective, and all the beautiful chaos. I was living the dream and letting the world's cultures wash over me. I've been lucky enough to explore over 40 countries and continue to take trips somewhere new each year to keep the inspiration alive.

I'm a lighthearted, tree-hugging, bad ass multi-tasking, cat loving, adventurous spirit. I believe in trying new things, traveling as much as possible and loving my people hard. Weekends are for weddings, outdoor adventures, family, farmers markets, trying new restaurants, or chillin in my hot tub with a negroni and a Nat Geo.Having said that, the PNW is where I call home. I was born and raised in Seattle and will always be in love with the smell of rain, being surrounded by mountains, and going on awesome outdoor adventures.

Photography chose me and I embraced it. Self taught and armed with a passion for documenting life, photography gives me balance, perspective, and allows me to see things in a different light. Making a living doing something I'm passionate about is pretty much the best thing ever. I love building new relationships, supporting my community, and create something bigger than myself.

Nowadays you'll find me decked in camera gear rallying a rowdy wedding party, collaborating with local business owners to launch their new brand, or on a mountain top with a newly engaged couple laughing our asses off. My clients believe in my ability to tell their story and in that vulnerability and trust comes honest images that make them feel confident and understood.

It's an honor. Every. Single. Time.