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Behind Technicolor Weddings is a group of two working artists. Bill McCullough, Meredith Miller. Bill is a photographer and musician. Meredith is a printmaker and bookbinder. Coming from this perspective, we approach photographing weddings with a strong visual point of view, influenced by different disciplines and ideas. Our main point being to capture life as it is: no staging, no acting. It's the approach of photographing weddings that Bill began 19 years ago.  
As artists and documentarians, we care deeply about keeping the arts and the environment alive! And-- as artists, alas-- we also understand budget constraints. That's why we offer financial incentives for climate-conscious decisions such as opting out of the use of disposable water bottles at an event, or choosing to have a wedding at a nonprofit, secular space (i.e. a museum, or state/national park). We hope that our work not only provides clients with engaging and intimate photographs of their event, but also works with our clients toward a bigger picture.


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