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Events are in my blood. I grew up in a family-owned catering business and planned events at Georgetown University before I ever picked up a camera. 
I love a good challenge and use that motivation to find interesting places and activities for Alt Sessions. If we come up with a photo idea for a wedding, I will do whatever it takes to figure out how to make it happen. Someone telling me, "It can't be done," fuels my drive. 
My husband, Jesse, and I met on spring break in the Bahamas. He offered to buy me a drink. It was an all-inclusive resort. He's since taught me everything I know about photography. 
If I see a dog, I consider it a good day.

29 Featured Couples


14 Recommendations

We were looking for distinctive photography—J. La Plante captured moments of bliss, laughter, movement, and natural beauty. This is more than simple posed photos—their photography exudes excitement, uniqueness, and emotion.

Moira and Jesse maximized venue scenery with creative perspectives and color brilliance from day and the night. We used glowsticks and bubbles for our Grand Exit and the photos provided the color, the movement, and the energy we all felt the entire day into the night. It makes a big difference to have 2 photographers from different angles.

Moira made it easy Read More to carry on detailed and sincere discussions regarding our interests and questions prior to our event (and even post-wedding); she answered all questions and offered opportunities to provide specific photos to be taken at the wedding. They were able to get the digital photos to us within about a month or so after our wedding and we are extremely happy with the quality and communication.

Additionally, in the process of ordering the prints, Moira immediately communicated and solved an issue on the website and provided an additional day to order our prints—total customer satisfaction. We were extremely pleased with her follow-through in resolving the ordering issue plus her constant availability via verbal and written communication.
If I could give them 10 stars I would! Jesse and Moira are amazing professional photographers who will magically capture your day. Look no further you should absolutely hire them! We are so lucky they agreed to take us as clients! When choosing photographers I wanted artists, I didn’t want regular photos I could snap on my iPhone and this is exactly what their photos are, absolutely beautiful art! With Jesse and Moira you will get stunning photos you can frame in your home for everyone to see! Everyone who has seen my photos have responded with regret of not having photographers of their Read More caliber at their wedding. The wedding day lasts only a day, but photos last a lifetime. Photography is such an important investment on your wedding day and choosing Jesse and Moira was our very best investment!
The photos speak for themselves. If you've found J. La Plante, then you're done. Stop looking for photographers. You already found them. These are the greatest photos we've ever seen. First of all, Moira and Jesse are a delight, and have been so fun to work with. We booked them before we even had a venue or a wedding date because we wanted to work with them so badly. We booked an alt session first, and had a great time. They had a crazy idea involving trampolines and holi powder, and we were like cool cool let's do this. The photos turned out awesome. It was fun to see an idea like that come Read More to fruition.

Before the wedding date, we met to talk about the types of photos we wanted (I should mention that we met at a cat cafe, which was the best). We received a timeline so we knew when we had to be ready. They were also so helpful on our wedding day. They told us where to go and when, so it was stress-free. They were champions at fielding requests from guests and made sure that we had the kind of photos we wanted. If you've got weird relatives making ludicrous requests, they can handle them like pros. They're 100% on your team.

I literally want to print every picture that we received in our gallery. Everyone keeps talking about how awesome the photos are and that they've never seen anything like them. Reader, you also have not seen photos like these before. Book J. La Plante before someone else gets them before you.

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