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Swapnil Junjare

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Since 2014, photography has been a curiosity of mine. I used to go early in the mornings to local markets, outdoor laundromats, and all over Mumbai city, capturing streets and people around me. 
As an engineer, there was no specific source of inspiration for me in terms of art. For me, art was about how my photos made people feel and, in turn, how it made me feel. My work reflects what I grew up with, the movies I watched, the music I listened to, the food I ate, and the cities I lived in. I photographed people to bring them joy, and I captured the happiness of people on their wedding days. 
For nine years, I worked with various wonderful wedding photography teams as a freelancer and learned how to translate what's in my head onto the back of my camera. Starting as a street and portrait photographer, my style evolved with weddings, leading to my work leaning more towards the fashion, editorial, and cinematic side of storytelling. 
My wife, Allie, had a love for love long before I did. In college, all Allie cared about was bridal outfits, and she realized her dream as a designer for one of the top luxury bridal brands in New York City. She ensures our couples are always calm and happy on their special days and serves as my voice of reason. Allie is also our in-house stylist (along with some incredible partners) for brides who want to fully experience the fashion photography side of Elysia. 
Elysia comprises a team of incredibly talented and dedicated friends who understand this style and vision. Elysia is about embracing the chaos, colors, and emotions of our memories on our most important day, through photographs and films that evoke emotions even years later.


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