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Long before I was a wedding photographer, I was the one at family gatherings with a camera and a few rolls of film in my hand. I fell in love with weddings as a young girl, sneaking off to take a peek at my parent's wedding album. There was something magical about sitting on their bedroom floor, slowly flipping each page and seeing them so in love I was born. Fast forward to 2007 when my husband, Steve, brought home our first DSLR, we quickly went from taking portraits of our kids to family to friends. After we photographed two small weddings for close family and friends, we were hooked. Mixing our love of fine art and dedication to capturing those fleeting moments you never want to forget, we started our business. Steve & I invested in our education so we were ready, rain, snow, sun, dark church basement, or country club locker room. After 7 years, I still love walking into the house or hotel on a wedding day. Knowing I'm the keeper of the memories for a couple's first day as a family, it's an honor.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

We are located in the DC Metro Area

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