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I'm wholly obsessed with my couples, their families, and their weddings. For the past 7 years, I've been in awe of the fact that wonderful humans across the country have trusted me to document some of the most pivotal moments in their lives. 
Put simply, I'm time traveler. I'm a storyteller. Most importantly, I aim to love my couples well, document their stories intentionally, and help them craft their legacies through Bold, Vibrant, and Dynamic images. 
My wife, our two dogs, and I live just outside of St. Louis Missouri in a seafoam-green house that's old and creaky and filled with amazing light.  
We're trying, every day, to love each other better than the previous day. We also make it a point to eat as much Mexican food as we can, and that we never skip our quarterly Lord of the Rings watch-through (extended editions only). 
We're all just out here trying our best, ya know? I hope we can make something amazing together!


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