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I wrote this after returning home from work the night I met my wife, Leslie, for the first time: 
"So I'm scrubbing dishes in the back at Panera Bread when I look up through the small circular window on the door and what do I see? To put it bluntly, the most defined feminine calves my little eyes have ever gazed upon. It was at that moment that I made the executive decision that the dishes were clean enough and it was time to check on our new guests in the dining room." 
I laugh at myself more often than not. It helps boost my confidence. 
I love the show Breaking Bad. Who doesn't? 
I'm pretty active. You kind of have to be in order to be a great photographer. I am usually doing something that requires balance (slack-lining, longboarding, rock climbing, etc.). 
I don't care too much for beer - unless it's Founders Double Chocolate Oatmeal Breakfast Stout, then I'm all about it. Blue Moon works, too. 
My wife and I are learning to love each other. I think we are learning well. We forgive well, I think-if Les disagrees, I bet she forgives me for saying it. 
I refuse to let Les sleep alone. That's not to say we won't go to bed pissed at each other every once in a while. But when those nights come, and Les heads to the couch, I sleep on the living room floor beside her. 
Believe the best in people. It makes a difference.

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