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Pasquale Minniti

Rome, Italy
25 Fearless Awards
My passion is photography. When I talk about it I refer to a real journey amongst colors, lights, shapes and more. It's a journey amongst moods, emotions, adrenaline. Thanks to my passion, simple ideas turn into shoot full of emotions. I love how photography can affect people. A single image can change the mood of a person from emotion to another in a few seconds.

My style is artistic and emotional. I like taking simple pics, simple but meaningful. I work with very few material and lots of craziness! With craziness, I mean that I have fun and make the couple have fun as well. Make them comfortable and do what they do in order to take a good shoot. This is possible only if I expose myself. Never take yourself too seriously, this is the main thing.

The perfect mix between reportage and posing is what I like to call 'emotional posing'. In my style of photography, I mix reportage and emotional posing. Follow the emotions and taking pics that show how people feel towards what they're doing and where they are. I love telling stories through my camera which is why at every wedding my mission is to tell the love story in a personal and unique way, letting the events flow naturally.

I want and can take fresh pics, normal and dynamic, full of emotions. Without the usual posing, I can emphasize the energy and personality that make every couple unique. I don't believe success is based on taking a beautiful photo but on the ability to take photos that can tell a story and can remind us of the emotions even after years.

Rino Cordella

Lecce, Italy
14 Fearless Awards
Rino Cordella was born in Brussels, the European city where he could breathe as a child, some of the most important artistic movements that allowed him to open his own window on the world of art.

Then, with time and artistic maturity, he chose the magic and the energy of Salento to create his newest studio in Copertino (Lecce). And it's here that, through his shots, he shows and expresses the emotions of the photographer capturing unique moments with the sensibility of a storyteller, who is discreetly there to catch a smile, a look or a thought. For Rino photographing is always as telling a new story, a different challenge between passion and technique, a world to be represented with subtle sophistication... but above all it's a magic moment to be returned to those who, for one day, have entrusted themselves to the eye of his special camera.

He received numerous awards from various national and international associations such as the WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association) - AGWPJA (Artistic Guild of the WPJA) - ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers) - Fearless Photographers.

In 2010 he came in at 12th place in the AGWPJA final standings. In 2012 receives the QIP and the QEP qualifications in the Marriage category, two highly coveted certifications in Italy as well as in Europe.

Finally in 2013, his pictures are rewarded with one silver and three bronze awards during the FIOF Nikon awards contest that allowed him to qualify on the first position in the wedding category.

Luigi Rota

Como, Italy
2 Fearless Awards
I was born in Lecco on Lake Como, Italy, in 1973. Since I was14 years old I have had a passion for photography which I inherited from my two parents, both photographers. Today I am the owner of Studio Photo Fotorota based in Lecco (Italy) and coordinate a team of photographers and associates who work with me. I mainly specialize in reportage weddings. I work with many agencies and major companies. Many of my images have won awards for national and international competitions. With my photographs I take part in exhibitions. I made numerous editorials for national and international journals. I am an active member of the most important associations for wedding photographers, including: WPJA. AGWPJA, ISPWP, WPPI and Best of Wedding Photography. In 2007 I have received the important qualification in wedding photography QEP recognized by the FEP in Europe.

I work with popular wedding magazines: Vogue, White, Elle and others. In 2008 I was selected as a photographer from the NPS Nikon Europe, right after I was elected as teacher for workshops organized by the project with Nikon School in Italy. In 2009, I embarked on the adventure as teacher for courses and professional workshops on photojournalism wedding photography, taking many courses in several Italian cities. I work in postproduction and teaching courses in software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. I dedicate much time to research and experimentation to improve and expand my work.

In my wedding reportage work, I try to capture real moments unique to each wedding, I look to capture the true emotions and sensations that people feel. I always use ambient light to keep the realism of the scene. With my recent research in wedding photography, I find a similarity with the photo in the film with the light of the cinema just as the photographer, I look to document and capture everything just how I am in front of me. With my reportage I want to tell a story in every wedding, my photographs must transmit the same sensations and emotions to the viewer. I love the black and white photographs for strong contrasts between light and shadow.

Nunzio Bruno

Sicily, Italy
I was born in 1983, August 28. Even as a child I was always directed towards the arts. My first photograph was a print made in a dark room by my Father and I. I remember it had been taken on photosensitive paper and there gently held in place by my fingertips a few seconds later ... I felt the amazement of seeing the image develop before my eyes.

Five generations of my family have had the Arts handed down from father to son. I went to school when I could, but I was more interested in helping my father in the studio who worked with his father. I had many opportunities to meet international artists thanks to my grandfather Nunzio, whom I am named after, who took me with him to broaden my experiences in everything from painting to sculpture. This I think has had much influence on my work now and formed an integral part of my training as I participated and organized impromptu exhibitions and artistic collectives . After graduation came my decision to pursue photography. I submerged myself in courses and specialized workshops for wedding photography and came to prefer reportage which I spend the majority of my time doing. I am now a member of the dell'ANFM (National Association of Wedding Photographers, Italy).

Photography is my way of life not just my job. Exploring cities with my camera around my neck, discovering new effects of light, new shapes; It makes me feel free. I live in photography.

If I had to describe the way I photograph you, I would say, I'm capturing you but with original creativity and deeper meaning. A phrase that I always like to say is "what is perceived depends on the sensitivity of the beholder".

Mattia Cacciatori

Verona, Italy
Ciao sono Mattia. Sono nato nel 1988 a Verona dove attualmente vivo. Ho sempre avuto una grande passione per la fotografia, a 14 anni rubavo la macchina a pellicola di mio padre e consumavo rullini su rullini a colori e in bianco e nero (lo ringrazio per non avermi mai impedito di farlo). Durante il corso di laurea in Cooperazione allo Sviluppo, laurea ottenuta nel 2011, però prendo in mano la fotografia seriamente e getto tutto me stesso nel reportage iniziando a concepire la fotografia come un modo per narrare le storie che incontravo in giro per il mondo e che mi incuriosivano tanto.
Oggi sono un fotografo e un fotogiornalista e, dopo aver vissuto esperienze in quasi tutta Europa, ho iniziato a viaggiare in paesi come Mongolia, Kenya, Tanzania, Ecuador, Israele, Palestina, Gaza, Giordania, Turchia, Serbia, Argentina, Cile, Bolivia.

La fotografia di reportage mi porta in tutto il mondo per coprire servizi di ogni genere per testate e agenzie internazionali. Dal 2012 realizzo inoltre workshop in tutta Italia ed ho insegnato con estremo piacere nell'Università di Giornalismo di Perugia.

Nei miei incontri e collaborazione posso citare ringraziando enormemente il photo-editor Laurent Gelmetti, la LUZPHOTO Agency, lo studio fotografico di reportage di Edoardo Agresti e l'agenzia digitale AQUEST, agenzia italiana di comunicazione con la quale ancora collaboro.

Nel 2018 sono entrato a far parte come headphotographer di Bottega di Fotografia, studio fotografico dove realizziamo con estrema passione e cura servizi di reportage di matrimonio.

Edoardo Agresti

Milan, Italy
My photography in one word? Photojournalism. Wedding photography? A travel reportage! That's how I try to turn each job into a voyage: be it a feast in India or a wedding service. What is otherwise a wedding, if not a journey? If you try and analyze it, you will find many similar characteristics right from the start: the getting ready, the planning, the anxiety, the joy, trepidation with the extra factor of the unknown being thrown in on how it will end. These are all the elements a good photo reporter is confronted with. This is how I find myself being an interpreter of emotions on the day; trying to capture a look, a moment of being lost, a smile, a tear, a gesture of affection, a hug from a sincere friend.

The couple is free to move, amongst friends, guests or walking to or from places to represent past memories, and I, always in a discrete manner, try to catch every single one of those precious moments. Without construction, without "striking a pose", without creation fiction, without invading their private space, without falseness. I try to transmit their energies!

Roaming in Florence or in the hills of Tuscany, on the Amalfi coast or in the small streets of Rome or Venice, amongst the skyscrapers of New York, in the city of London or along the streets of jazz in New Orleans, between the vineyards or in a regional market or simply walking alone or amid people or just drinking an aperitif with friends during the reception. Then I continue during the party when the atmosphere becomes more informal. If you desire we can also spend time for a Creative Portrait session, but in a different way from the formal classical shots.

Take a look on my website and you realize which is my photography.

Ilaria Marchione

Bologna, Italy
Uno dei ricordi più forti che ho della mia infanzia è quello dei miei disegni: sono nata e cresciuta con un padre amante dell'arte e collezionista di quadri e ho sviluppato un forte interesse per il disegno dal vivo. Passavo gran parte delle mie giornate a riprodurre le opere che ricoprivano le pareti di casa mia. Negli anni, dopo aver conseguito il diploma all'Istituto d'Arte "G. Chierici"di Reggio Emilia, mi sono dedicata alla pittura e alla fotografia: la mia prima macchina fotografica fu una Minolta analogica, quando ancora c'era il gusto di fotografare e di non vedere direttamente quello che sarebbe uscito, quando ancora c'era l'attesa dello sviluppo del rullino.

Con il tempo mi sono dedicata esclusivamente alla fotografia e ad oggi sono titolare di "Photofficina Creativa": ho sempre immaginato di creare qualcosa di diverso, non il semplice studio fotografico fatto di vetrine e di commercio, quel qualcosa che mi avrebbe comunque permesso di riportare il mio stile e la mia passione nel mio lavoro. La mia volontà è quella di seguire le coppie dal giorno in cui mi scelgono fino al giorno del loro matrimonio: è un percorso importante quello che si fa insieme, perché io fotografo emozioni e per farlo ho bisogno di sapere chi vado a fotografare, in modo da poter donare per sempre ricordi indelebili. Mi dedico ad un matrimonio al giorno, perché per me è fondamentale essere presente, gestire la giornata e dedicarmi ad una coppia alla volta.

Durante il matrimonio, il mio lavoro inizia dalla preparazione degli sposi fino alla festa: nel mezzo ci deve essere tutto, dal reportage alle foto di coppia, dalle foto degli allestimenti a quelle di famiglia.
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