10 Best Wedding photographers in Asia (and more)

Best wedding photographers in Asia

When you're for a destination wedding photographer in Asia for your wedding, consider these amazing wedding photographers!

Khoi Le

Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
7 Fearless Awards
I am a happy married man with a wonderful wife and a 3-year-old son who is really playful. Having been through two of the most remarkable milestones of life, I know how meaningful these events are to everybody and I always want to keep these beautiful memories forever. Hence, I've always yearned for creating something memorable, some visual legacies so whenever you look at them you can live those old good days again.

I love candid moments. I know some instances that only happen once and I want to tell your complete story through my camera. Everybody wants their weddings to be perfect and it usually puts them under pressure just trying to "make" the day indefectible and even forget to enjoy their own celebration. However, it is old-fashioned when everything is fully arranged and the ceremony is going on the same track as any other ones. People now are more concerned about how they feel rather than how they look. Have you ever looked kinda weird in your photos? I guess it happenned some times, and for sure these images are usually not on your favourite list. But if you remember that it is the biggest laugh you ever had hearing your partner telling everyone about how clumsy you were on your first date, or the happiest tears falling down when he said his vows, I bet you will keep those pictures as a treasure.

Wedding day is just for bride and groom. You don't need to prepare anything. It is all about the true feelings, the memory of love and all the good things you give to each other. You are free to cry, laugh and completely enjoy your big day or pre-wedding trip. Obviously, it is not easy to find customers who share the same taste and point of view but once my clients and I find out we are a good match, we are not just customers and service provider. We became friends.

I don't mind travelling if it's needed for a prewedding photo shooting. In fact, I always advise my customers to go to where they have never been or to the place that recalls best memories so they can be excited enough to just forget about the shoot. I will capture their best feelings and moments in the most beautiful and creative way. There will be a little bit directions from me in some particular cases but it will be kept to a minimum. It's about encouraging people to go back to nature, to what they actually have, as things go, they will not be able to live that part of life again.

Wedding photography is my passion and gradually experiencing it myself gives me a lot of excitement and satisfaction. I also love to share. I am proud to be the founder of Next Generation Vietnam Wedding Photographers and Vietnam Wedding Photography. To me, sharing is power and it is so encouraging seeing the our photographers community growing healthily in the aspects of environment, techniques and profession.

Finally, here are some facts about me in case you have just come to know me. Previously, I was an architect before quitting the job to pursue my photography passion. I was also a professional basketball player. I had never thought that I would become a photographer until I shot my own wedding photos. Yes, we set up the camera, framed ourselves and shot with a remote control. It was funny and memorable. We were yet able to save some costs for the photo stuffs but the process was not as easy as we thought. Having learned from our own experience, I aim to offer our couples a relaxing wedding photography session they could ask for, as well as applying my strongest skill of "photostory" to capture all meaningful moments they show in the most natural and artistic way.

Gaurav Hingne

Mumbai, India
If you're lucky enough to have found the one you're going to spend the rest of your life with, you're probably thinking of your wedding day.

Now, it is my sincere belief that every couple has two weddings.

There will be the wedding you planned. The gorgeous gown, the jewels, the menu that has been tried and approved by the entire family. Their family and friends all together in one place.

But there's also the wedding you didn't plan for. The immaculate outfit that got stained two minutes before the priest showed up. The family members who never seem to make it on time. The bridesmaids who swore they wouldn't cry but couldn't stop tears from flowing anyway. But it will all look perfect in the photos won't it?

Well, that's where we come in.

There will be those brilliant pictures where you and your beloved are all decked out. Regally posing as the light hits you just right. There will also be those little accidents, yawns before the morning puja or one too many drinks at the cocktail party. We will capture your parents looking on proudly as you take your vows, along with your father letting loose on the dance floor for the first time in years. Your painstakingly crafted make-up along with the uncontrollable tears. Because no amount of mascara will ever hold up when you realize this is it - it's really happening, you're getting married! The decorations that set the stage for a great ceremony, along with your little cousins who'll eventually pull out all the decorations and have a tiny pretend wedding of their own. Our dedicated team believes that you deserve to remember both your weddings. You deserve to open your album ten-twenty-thirty years into the future and relive those moments and notice something new each time. Something small you've forgotten but something that will bring you joy years into the future.

While the pre-planned glamour and glitz made for a great wedding, I want to crystallize all those stolen, secret moments that will hopefully make for not just for a great wedding but for a lasting marriage.

Oat Chaiyasith

Bangkok, Thailand
I fell in love with the moments I saw through my lens...this is the reason that makes me become a visual storyteller.

Back to the very first step, my shooting journey has begun with techniques and shooting tips like everyone who loves taking photo. Practices...trainings...lessons...are my daily life since I was a student of architecture and design. My shooting passion also drove me to live and learn in London which give me opportunities to explore the perspective of my lens.

Step by step throughout the journey in London, I got a chance to work with the leading professional photographer of wedding photojournalist of UK. My chance also wide opened for fashion shoot. It's come with opportunities which let me explore more on the photography road map to work with leading magazines and do advertising photoshoot for the famous brands in various industries. During the time, I also had chances to do portrait photography for individuals, couples, families, friends. I've learnt a lot more how to capture the very touchy feely moments from portrait shooting. I am still learning from every shot that I take to continue my visual storytelling journey.

For me, all chances were not just a chance, they were significant experiences that have made me believe that a photographer is an engaged storyteller who has a trained, creative, and talented eye to see a photographic opportunity and make decision for the moment. With the strong feeling and belief that every moment is precious and perfect in itself, I wish I will put myself more engaged in demonstrating the moments like creating genuine art...to tell the story from time to time

Today, it's more than 10 years of shooting experience, there is ONE THING that I've found. This ONE THING has never changed, and this ONE THING makes me believe in what I do and make me be who I am.


It is real.

It is happened only once.

It stays forever.

Therefore, for me a perfect photo is a capture of the TRUE MOMENT which will keep and tell the story.

TRUE MOMENT is my inspiration of shooting every single photo. It's not just a shooting style...it's beyond a signature...it is my honest to capture the once in a life time moment that I fell in love since the beginning and I will continue my journey as a man who loves capturing the moments.

Nam Le

Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh, Việt Nam
Among various kinds of photography, I chose to learn about wedding photography since I found the meaning of capturing spontaneous moments that just happen once in life. Especially, storytelling or documenting is the most interesting style that I want to pursue. Those styles are kind of challenging with most photographers because they have to capture every action containing full of feelings and emotions that could past so quickly.

In my point of view, wedding photo is not just to keep the nicest poses of bride and groom but to save every activity of family and friends, to record all the happy or touching moments, to capture all the weird and funny things that happen during the wedding party. I believe that those things just come as quick as lightning but they're valuable and precious through the time. Let 's think about how exciting our children will be when looking at our wedding photos and imagining exactly what did happen with their parents in the past, how were their parents used to, what emotions did their parents experience.

Audi advertisement once said: "ALL CONDITIONS ARE PERFECT CONDITIONS". This is also the photographing direction that I will follow in the whole career as a professional photographer must adapt with every condition of weather, location or venue even thought with me, that place, is totally unfamiliar with.

I have a dream of becoming a destination wedding photographer who travels around the world. I also want to leave a message to my beloved clients: "Don't worry about unexpected things that would happen at your wedding, don't be afraid of being captured unprepared context. Because what should happen, will happen. Welcome them with all your heart and recklessness, a miracle will show off and give you the best memories."