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Wedding Photography to me is magical. To be part of the thrills, the fun, the moments that get you grinning as you look through the camera and the ones that make you tear up.  
It added so much meaning to my Art. I realised how important my work was to people. What usually begins as a client enquiry soon made me a part of their family. This incredible connection is what pushes me to capture impeccable moments at a wedding.  
If you think I could be the photographer for your big day, get in touch.

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

I'm based out of India, travel is a part of the job and I'm available to shoot around the world.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

I believe in Simple, Natural images that capture your festivities in it's grandeur.


3 Featured Couples

4 Recommendations

I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! Shishir captured the best day of our lives in such a beautiful way! He has such an eye for artistically capturing natural emotions and each picture exudes magic! When we looked at the album, we just kept smiling throughout, all the photos told a story and it made us reminisce all the beautiful moments of the wedding. Thanks so much for helping keep alive precious memories of our wedding day! Will cherish these for life!
Usually our family is used to the traditional horde of local photographers with their blinding flashing lights and their incessant dry instructions disrupting ceremonies. Despite the disruptive and almost plastic effect of such traditional photographers, traditionally families tend to stick with it, not wanting to welcome in the new.

When we chose Shishir Ramnath and his team, elder members of the family did not understand the theme or the reason why we would choose a team from a different city, or even go for such young photographers. However, at the end they managed to even make an Read More impression upon the archaic priests that were admirable of their minimal fuss, disruption and most importantly gentile conduct of the team. As they said, they conducted business like they almost did not exist, allowing the ceremonies to be conducted in peace and allowing family members to be not be on guard on stage at all times. Further, the team was accommodative to changes on site which, were not agreed before without much fuss or drama.

Their photos captured the true sentiment, and feeling behind the marriage rather than solely capturing the memory for the sake of capturing memories. After all, we get our photographs clicked to take a trip down to be nostalgic about how we felt at that moment and not just we looked. In addition, they did get along with friends and family, making them part of our memories of the day.
I find Shishir very innovative with his approach and his creative perspective of capturing emotions that run into a marriage has been impeccable. The detailing of his work does tell an eloquent story whenever I reminisce his pictures of my marriage. I personally feel Shishir's talent has been innate that delivers quality out of pure passion ! Definitely recommend him. Personally can vouch for his work.

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