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Joe Pyle
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About Joe Pyle:
I love to create images of couples in huge landscapes, in beautiful sunsets, deep forests and in hilarious candids. While I’m able and willing to pose our couples, the photos I create reflect our environment and a lot of our couples want to be “secondary” in the scene. My favorite saying while working with clients is “let’s just go for a walk outside”, and by the time we’re done walking I’ve captured them just “being themselves”. As you can tell from my portfolio, I am very much a candid, "be yourself" type of photographer.  
My wife is also a Fearless Photographer and together we travel a lot. Iceland, Mexico, Hawaii, France, Italy, and of course many of the United States have all been stamped in our passports for our work and we look forward to adding more.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are based in Estes Park, Colorado and there are no travel fees for a wedding within an hour drive. We travel worldwide for our couples to places including but not limited to: Iceland, Mexico, Europe, Asia, and Canada.
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