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About Will Han:
We are a small group of visual artists who use photography as a means of expression. Our ambition is neither to scale up nor to follow a trend, but to specifically combine each shooting session with our on-going art practice and our insight of the uniqueness of each client, to generate the resonance of emotions between our clients and us. 
We love the sense of keeping things natural, but go far beyond merely documenting. We throw ourselves into an event, flow in the moment, and focus on every detail that could evoke people's beautiful memories of a wedding. Detail never is trivial. It speaks for the event. It can be a ring, a dress, a decoration, but also a subtle change of expression, or a tiny movement of a finger. Our job is to collect, refine, and freeze those sparkling details, and put them all together to create a still movie, reminding people's presence at the wedding, forever.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are based in New York. We love traveling! So we shoot anywhere that we can reach. Our major serving area include NY, NJ, PA, MA. We don't charge any traveling fee if the destination is within 1 hour driving.
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