Seth Kerechanin

Seth and Beth - Wedding Photography
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Based In: Columbus
Phone: 3303228338
Pricing: $$$
Awards Last 3 Years: 1
Lifetime Awards: 2
Seth Kerechanin
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About Seth Kerechanin:
We are Seth & Beth - married and madly in love. We provide artistic and creative "out of the box" wedding photos in Columbus, Ohio. We strive to put a fresh, new twist on every wedding photo we take, incorporating colorful surrounding, emotions, and moments. We live to meet strong, sexy brides who are crazy in love and confident grooms that aren't afraid to cry. We want to deliver beauty and surrealism while maintaining our mission of love and professionalism.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are located just outside of downtown Columbus, Ohio and we charge a modest travel fee to places like Cleveland, Cincinnati, Toledo, etc.
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