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Based In: Washington, DC
Phone: 301-560-0443
Average Price: $$$$
Recent Fearless Awards: 6
Kristiaan Madiou
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About Kristiaan Madiou:
We are married photographers who fell in love holding cameras in our hands and haven't put them down since. We think that photographing love is the best job in the world.  
Doing this work with my best friend is amazing. We complement each other, we compete, we divide and conquer, we share the experience. I sneak a kiss once in a while. Couldn't imagine it any other way.  
Me? I am a perfectionist who is utterly imprefect - I love candy, movies, and staying up late. I feel the most alive when I am traveling, dancing, or making photographs.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are located in the DC area, but we frequently travel to destinations far and wide to document moments for couples and their families. We charge travel fees based on the location.
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