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Great photos come from great moments - so we make sure there are a lot of those! Your images will be modern, candid, and colorful. More importantly, your day will be fun AF and your photos will make you look like you. Whether you want 100 guests or just the two of you, I love to capture the unplanned candid shenanigans just as much as a dreamy portrait combined with the epic views of your location. 
ALL couples celebrated. I'm in the LGBTQ+ community and body positive. I'm upbeat all of the time and my images reflect my excitement for everyone who gets to chose each other in every unique way possible. I'll help you into great light so your candid moments are the most beautiful, flattering and natural. Great communication, stunning images, and a supremely fun experience is what I pride myself on. We'll be laughing all day!

Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?

I'm based in Denver, CO and serve the entire state of Colorado and destinations across the USA and abroad. National Park elopements, microweddings, intimate weddings and hiking elopements are common.

How long have you been in business? How many weddings have you photographed as the main photographer?

I was 7 when I discovered photography and shot my first wedding when I was 16. Wedding photography has been my full time job since 2012, so I've lost count of the couples I've shot.

Describe your "style" of wedding photography.

My style is romantic and modern, bright colors and dramatic compositions. I want to create photos that push the limits of my imagination - and yours. My posing style is very smushy and the more giggling the better!

What's the typical wedding coverage package that you offer? What is the price?

To see the most up to date pricing, visit https://lucyschultzphotography.com/pricing/ 
$4900-$8900 is my typical range.

Do you have a studio where we can meet? Do you use Skype?

I love to use zoom or phone calls to meet with clients.

What are your professional degrees, credentials, affiliations? Have you taken any recent educational workshops or classes?

I am almost exclusively self-taught, while taking inspiration from many workshops, tutorials and lighting training. I am inspired by elements from all different styles of photography - especially landscapes - and bring them into your wedding and elopement photography.

Is there anything else you'd like to share about yourself?

I love cats (like, a lot!), camping, birdwatching, maps, national parks, archery, and raspberries.


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Lucy is THE BEST! You can stop your search now and book her, you'll be so happy you did : ) From before the elopement, during, and after, Lucy's attention to detail and customer service is ABOVE and BEYOND! She was easy to book, we did a free Zoom call to make sure we were a good fit. From there, the process was so simple and stress-free. We painted a picture of what our dream elopement looked like and then Lucy ran with it, proposing different itineraries and vetting vendors (Jeep rental, horseback riding, etc). We decided on a 1.5 day package in Crested Butte, CO and I'm so glad we did! Read More Basically we were on our dream date and Lucy documented the whole thing, giving us more gorgeous photos than we ever could have hoped for. She even scouted the area before we got there so she knew all the BEST SPOTS for photos. She really means it when she says you'll look epic and she'll get dirty! And bonus - her husband is a chef. In unison at the table we all said "this is the best potato salad we've ever had!" Couple months after the elopement, we did a slideshow with 200 of our favorite photos at a couples shower our friends threw, and EVERYONE made a point to tell us they were the most stunning wedding photos they'd ever seen. And we agree!
When we canceled our regular wedding to elope in a National Park, we knew there was one thing we still absolutely needed: an incredible photographer to capture the magic of our adventure. We had a photographer booked, but due to their being a scammer, we were left without a photographer just a few weeks before the big day.

Then, we found Lucy. Lucy Schultz, the absolute GOAT. Lucy went above and beyond, on every single aspect of our elopement. She helped us choose Yosemite as our ceremony Park, and gave us her incredible Yosemite elopement guide. When we suggested one ceremony spot, she Read More used her expertise to help us choose a different spot, telling us it would be way better (she was completely correct).

We told her we wanted to hike all day, rain or shine. And she was game for our crazy plan. She planned out the whole route, and gave us an hour-by-hour itinerary for the day (with plenty of flexibility built in). She met with us whenever we wanted to talk, and was always responsive to texts or emails. She sent us a questionnaire to get to know us, and by the end of the questions we could really tell that Lucy deeply, truly cared about us as a couple.

Then came the elopement day! Lucy was up and ready to go with us at 4:00 AM, ready to hike. She hiked up to Sentinel Dome with us, and we made it up with plenty of time before our sunrise ceremony. She helped wrangle the wedding dress, and coordinated our first look, spontaneous sneaky stick-on mustache and all!

When she officiated the ceremony Lucy put all the info she got from the questionnaire to good use, tailoring her remarks as officiant to us and our relationship, balancing humor with sentiment and perfectly setting the mood of the ceremony, and playing one of our favorite songs as we ended the ceremony, celebrating our new marriage.

Lucy then hiked with us for another 16 miles and a total of 13 hours. Through rain, brutal inclines, brutal declines, thirst, glaring sun, and a stunning rainbow, she not only hiked with us, but hiked ahead of us, capturing incredible photos along the way.

On that hike, we formed a strong friendship with Lucy, who really understood us as a couple and as individuals. She was the exact kind of kooky that clicked with our craziness. We were laughing the whole way, even as we blistered, chafed, and sighed when we realized we had waaaay more hiking left than we thought we did.

And the photos! The photos Lucy took not only managed to capture the entirely surreal and gorgeous Yosemite scenery, they also captured the pure, raw emotion of the day. When we look at the photos, we not only have our breath taken away by how stunning they are, we also have our heartstrings tugged by how clear our memories are. We can see the love, joy, and laughter of the day in every photo. As we looked through the gallery we kept saying "I remember that! Oh my god I'm so glad she got that moment!"

We can't exaggerate when we say that Lucy is THE elopement photographer. We both believe that our elopement was better with Lucy than it would have been without her. If you are looking for absolutely, outrageously beautiful elopement photos, that capture emotions and memories, Lucy is the one for you. If you're looking for a bona-fide expert in National Park elopement planning, Lucy is the one for you. If you're looking for someone with attention to detail and real connection, Lucy is the one for you. Lucy could not be more worth it, and we will be forever grateful that she joined us on our elopement-hike-adventure.
If you believe magic is a supernatural force, Lucy Schultz is magic. It’s unclear how she can be in so many places in so many weird positions at one time. She made us comfortable in front of the camera, got our friends and family laughing, managed an unruly gang with grace and grins, and captured not just key moments, but the unique essence of our wedding. If you believe that magic is the sum total of all the work you never witness, Lucy Schultz is magic. If something was difficult or going poorly, we certainly had no idea - she made things happen and took so, so, so many photographs, Read More every one a moment that makes us remember, smile, and sigh. Many of our guests now want to adopt her because not only is she an incredibly talented professional, she exudes warmth and joy and makes everyone feel special.

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