Alessandro Capuzzo

Alessandro Capuzzo
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Based In: Northern Italy
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Alessandro Capuzzo
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About Alessandro Capuzzo:
I like telling stories... Each of us has one that represents every moment of our life. This is what I try to do ; tell your story as if it were a novel using my art... photography. Mine is an emotional photography, my aim is to pick the most moving and special moments without interfering in the course of the story, but only telling it. When I introduce myself to clients I show then my wedding portfolio. Instead of speaking about myself I let my photos do the talking; they tell and transmit to whoever looks at them all the emotions captured in those moments. 
Everything has been frozen in time: the tastes, smell, sensations and also a part of myself. I don't like using a very  
rigid method which I always try to escape from. My photography is always as spontaneous as possible. In every photo the colours and the light are minutely calculated just as a blacksmith forges and shapes this work. Nothing is left to change. Attention to detail is my trademark and the details and emotions are the main subjects  
of my photos. 
"...I would like to be able to transmit the love and passion that the art of photography seal in its image..  
I am fascinated by how a photo can imprison our memories and touch people's hearts.."


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