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Vinay Dhalla
Fearless since 2020

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My name is Vinay Dhalla and I am the night owl that founded The Midnight Media. The name came to me after realizing that I only choose to work on my projects at night when everyone else is sleeping. In fact, it has been like that ever since I can remember. From editing pictures, writing scripts, rendering final cuts, or even composing music, there is a certain type of harmony obtained while being in my sanctuary during the midnight hours. Add a vanilla latte and we have the perfect night! 
When I first got into photography, I was intrigued greatly by night photography; specifically the long-exposure technique. The first time I took a photograph of a bunch of cars driving by at a slower shutter speed, I was completely blown away with what appeared on the back of my LCD screen. The ideas that were going through my head were too much for me to handle! I started going out at night-late at night and started to embrace the midnight hours as my nine to five. The midnight hours were just so much more exciting! It gave me another reason to call myself an artist.

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