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Based In: Pensacola, FL
Phone: 347.524.1017
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Lazzat Olarti
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About Lazzat Olarti:
I believe in EMOTIONS... raw, real, unstaged, and MOMENTS that remind us how special the LIFE is! 
I believe in LOVE...true, genuine, authentic, and the uniqueness of your relationship that makes your WEDDING one of a kind! 
I believe in SOULMATE, best friend and partner to enjoy life's adventures, experience its ups and downs, and grow old with. 
I believe in documenting your family history and creating tangible quality HEIRLOOMS that your grandchildren and their families will enjoy for many years to come. 
I believe in LEGACY, your soul and heart put into your family that will become valued family history and treasured long after your time is gone. 
But most and foremost, I believe YOU deserve your LOVE to be captured the right way. It is not a photo-session, it is YOUR WEDDING DAY!
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Our studio is located in Cordova Square, Pensacola, FL
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