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Based In: Oeste de México
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Andres Barria
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About Andres Barria:
Andres photography is a running stream, and an embroidered web, where every contrary gathers in unity: the ever-flowing motion of all things that are not, with those that are; mirroring, capturing spontaneous moments that flow from teary chaos to harmony's joys, from sad desolation to lofty consolation. 
His commercial atelier, Andres Barria Photography, renowned for its lyric bridal and rites of passage compositions, singularly captures with visionary symmetry the ominous splendor of Mexico's fleeting odyssey, weaving equal sentiment with equal light, with superb artistry. Weddings, gatherings, and rites of passage transcend in the image, becoming idyllic symphonies in memory's immanent tapestry. 
Born in 1966 in an artistic milieu, Barría Davison relocated from Chile's Straight of Magellan near his native Punta Arenas to Chile's Atacama Desert, and immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1994, and to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in 2004. He has been obsessed with photography since he was 17!!
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are located in Puerto Vallarta. There is a very reasonable fee for travel and that need to be quoted according to the location of the Wedding service or event.


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