Nikki van der Molen

Based In: South East England
Phone: 07738 380108
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Nikki van der Molen
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About Nikki van der Molen:
I'm a documentary wedding photographer so I like to focus on capturing those natural and genuine moments of love and laughter. My style is quite quirky and creative, and I like to have fun with my photography. With me as your photographer we'll make the portraits a fun part of your day and keep it as relaxed as possible. 
I'm very unobtrusive in my shooting style, I like to let the wedding happen around me and capture real moments of happiness. I'm friendly and fun to have around, and very passionate about what I do. I will constantly be looking for creative photo opportunities to make sure that you get a selection of images that is truly unique and personal to you.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I am located in Redhill in Surrey. Travel within the UK is included in your package price, however if the location was so far away that I would need to stay over the night before or after (or both) then that would be an additional cost.
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