Vivek Victor Sequeira

Based In: India
Phone: +91 9980018718
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Vivek Victor Sequeira
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About Vivek Victor Sequeira:
Hi, I Am Vivek Sequeira, wedding photographer by profession in India for more than 20 years. . I am the founder and owner of Vivek Studio located in Karnataka State. Vivek Studio was set up in 1997 which has been known all over India for its brilliant work in capturing beautiful memories. 
I have been known for artistic, creative, story telling wedding photographer , my clients spread all over the world. I won few International awards for wedding photography. I was being nominated in 8 categories at the prestigious event - Wedding photographer of the year in India, not to mention winning it 4 years in a row. 
I have traveled over many countries to cover the weddings/pre-wedding /post wedding shoots, namely in USA, Australia,U.A.E., Kuwait, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Singapore,Malaysia etc. & various parts of India.


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