Oana Popa

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Based In: Berlin
Phone: 0159 060 11801
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Oana Popa
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About Oana Popa:
There are so many past memories which disappear from our memory faster than we think. My father sent me some time ago a photo of me and my grandmother from the 25th of April of 1993. I was surprised to realize that I had no memory of that moment. So without this photo, that moment would be gone forever. This kind of photos become more valuable with time, because they have the power to bring back beautiful memories with dear people. Exactly this is the kind of memories I want to create with my photography, and this is why I love photographing weddings. At a wedding I like being decent, without changing the way things happen. In my journalistic style I am always trying to take authentic, emotional and natural photos. Every wedding I go to makes my life a little happier than before.


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