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Rafael Codio Ledesma

Rafael Codio Ledesma

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We are a diverse husband and wife team! One Dominican and One Canadian. We are crazy and most of the time you will hear us speaking Spanish, dancing and singing. We are based out of Calgary Alberta but love to travel the world and even more so if we are photographing a wedding. Everything about us is unique from our story of how we met to how we live our daily lives. Love for coffee, wine, chocolate, cameras and our children are what keep us going on a daily basis. 
I am all about capturing every moment and detail of your special wedding day in a Modern, Bold, Unique, Story telling style. Whether we are on top of a mountain or in the water of a sandy beach, you can be sure that we will have our off camera flash and battery packs with us. We absolutely love meeting people and documenting the lives of others in the form of photographs which are something that last forever. Every experience with us is unique, amazing and unforgettable.
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