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Based In: Israel
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Gilad Mashiah
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About Gilad Mashiah:
Gilad Mashiah is born with a natural love for taking photos. Without formal educational background in photography, he was able to curate great images that made him one of the best in Israeli weddings. For Gilad, Wedding photography is not only about capture images but mostly the emotions that envelopes it. 
This art is not about the monetary reward he gets from it (which is a bonus) but the genuine interactions he makes with people in order to showcase real feelings through his images. He prefers to know his couples on a personal level and not just as a business contact and if your wedding is extraordinary- Gilad will cover it just for travel expenses.  
If you want to do amazing things and create the best journey with honest, positive of full of heart photography, do the sojourn with Gilad.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Based in Tel-Aviv (Israel) but travel worldwide.  
For now willing to shoot destination wedding for travel expenses only.
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