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Dario de Cristofaro

Dario de Cristofaro

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Our recipe? A mix of originality, spontaneity and elegance combined with the study and knowledge of photography. 
Far from stiff poses, we want to portray yourselves as you are, 
we want our photos to make you smile and move, we want them to bring to your mind and to your heart the best memories of your wedding day. The Wedding Photography is our passion, we love to capture natural moments and we do not force emotions but rather we want to tell them with the greatest passion and sensitivity: smiles, hugs, tears of happiness and emotion, the eyes of the people dear to you, the joy of your day are in good hands! 
Artistic photography and documentaries are the basis from which we start the realization of our reportage, that's why our approach to photos prefers the genuine and natural look rather than the formal and the built.
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