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Mary Sandoval

Washington, DC
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Mary Sandoval

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The day I realized that I can give people a recorded memory that will last for decades, photography became more than a passion for me. It's a lifestyle, it's who I am. Having the eye and heart for this form of art is a gift that I'll always be thankful for and this is what pushes me to always get better, as an artist and as a human being. Born and raised in Romania, I pursued a degree in Economics but it wasnt' until later when I found my true call. A degree in photography, my ability to communicate through my lens, my creativity, my love for fine art and photojournalism, my professionalism although easy going personality and my background of experiencing different cultures all across US and Europe is what I can bring to the table on a wedding day. I hope I will have the honor to witness your unique and beautiful story as well! 
I currently live in Washington DC, but I'm at least once a year somewhere in Europe.
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