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Kelly and I met in Middle School. We were totally unaware of each other until a few years later in High School. From that point on, it's been a wild ride. Dating, cohabitation, marriage, horrible wedding photographs, kids, home buying, vacations, and finally becoming business partners have all been crossed off of our respective bucket lists. 
Hailing from scenic New Jersey, Kelly and I specialize in dynamic, colorful and fun wedding photography all over the Tri-State Area. 
If the words "light & airy" make you say, "YES! THAT IS WHAT I WANT FOR MY WEDDING PHOTOS!" then we are probably not the photographers for you. If the words vivid, vibrant, and vivacious come to mind, read on! Kelly and I have a definite leaning towards photojournalism, meaning we try to observe and document the moments that are unfolding in front of us and not create them. 
We put client relationships first and always give everything we have to each one of them. Our hope is to deliver stunning images and more importantly, an incredible experience throughout the process, and maybe bust out some sick dance moves at the reception! 
Thanks for stopping by and checking out our work.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are located in central New Jersey. We do charge a fee for destination weddings and any wedding greater than 50 miles from Middlesex, New Jersey.
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