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Claudiu Stefan

Arad, Romania
4 Fearless Awards
Claudiu Stefan

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Colour. Light. Composition. Feedback and lot of PASSION. This is Lifetime Passion Photography. It means a team, husband and wife - Claudiu & Andreea - who put passion on all these aspects and with their experience and ideas want to bring beautiful memories to their clients weddings. 
It is very nice to look, after each year, at the wedding photos and say: `whoa, it looks as if it were yesterday!` ... We want to give not only memories, but strong emotions on our pictures and to be the best in our town! Well, in the clients' way! See you soon! Thanks for reading this short description on what we do. We`ll hope that our photos deserve your appreciation and we promise also that we will continue to evolve and bring perfection on our wedding photography :)
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September 30, 2017