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Samuel S. Wiss

Victoria, BC
Samuel S. Wiss

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Hi guys, We are Samuel and Virginie, partners of wedding and passionate team based in Vancouver Island, and Moorea an island close to Tahiti in the middle of Pacific Ocean. 
Our aim is to live with you your event, be part of it, understand who you are and give you a souvenir that will be you with our creative touch!  
Our customers comes from everywhere (US, Japan, Australia, France, China, Canada of course...) to get married or for honeymoon, and we are glad to meet this people from different cultures, different part of the earth . 
There is also a lot of destination where we can easily flight too ;) so let us know where you want we go!  
We want you have fun and enjoy every minute of this special moment without the fear of the souvenir, that's our job!  
We will be here to capture your laugh, your tears (of joy:), your tenderness and impulse, great mix between creative and candid shots (we really love your party for that part!)!  
Let's talk about you now ;)
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