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Chris Lang
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About Chris Lang:
My wedding photography is a creative blend of photography styles. I call it "Lifestyle Wedding Photography." It is free flowing and not bound by any one style, look. It is about the art of the people. It is about finding your style rather than shooting mine. I consider myself more an image-maker, an artist. I create pictures that are unique, creative and that have their own style. My work, my style is my own. It is about not fitting into a mold or a trend. My photography is about having to freedom to create. I do not chase trends or try to be like anyone else. I do not photograph solely to my style, but rather create to the styles of the personalities of my clients. 
My hands are on every image from start to finish. It is my creativity, my reputation. I do not trust that to anyone else. What separates me from other photographers? It is the individuality of my work. It is mine, it is handcrafted by me from start to finish.


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