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Fitz Carlile

Fitz Carlile

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It can take years of study and unrelenting passion for a visual artist to learn to tastefully manifest creative ideas and develop a unique 'voice'. This journey defines an artist. I've been on this journey now for 20 years, and I feel like the creative ideas I always imagined I could take are now manifesting for others to enjoy. It is a very exciting time!  
I seek authentic interactions between a couple. I interpret your energy and translate that into a set of images that will take your breath away. My post production process comes from within - I have spent years exploring how to express the colors and tones in my work, and like the images I capture, are uniquely my own. Mentors and peers alike often describe my work as 'straddling the fine art wedding and documentary photography genre.' 
Each story is unique and deeply personal, and I love listening to your stories of how you met and fell in love. My responsibility is to translate your personal narrative as a couple into a photo essay that you will cherish for all time. If you have connected with my work, please reach out and say hello - I'd love to hear your story.
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Ferly + Jeff
February 25, 2017