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A wedding day is so full of emotions and precious moments that you want to be sure not to lose anything. There are actors, settings and definitely a story to tell. No more contrived poses in front of the camera, no more endless hours modelling in front of your guests. Let's make it fresh, spontaneous and real, just following the spur of the moment, as photo reportage should be. Everything will be truthful to you, and the images you'll get back will stand the test of time. You'll have vivid memories of both the unforgettable major events and of the fleeting moments in the background. We'll provide you with an exhaustive, natural, captivating document of your wedding. We'll prearrange with you a short session of official portraits of the newlyweds and then we'll just focus on the authenticity of the event, capturing each vivid scene in its most genuine mood. Choose to have a visual story to remember, choose our reportage for your wedding.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
I'm in Rome but I can go everywhere!
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