Brittany Bugaj

Two Adventurous Souls
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Based In: Costa Rica
Phone: 207-671-5331
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Brittany Bugaj
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About Brittany Bugaj:
We are a wife & husband team based in Maine & Costa Rica and covering destinations world wide. We could live on tacos & Harry Potter. We don't spend ALL our time stuffing our faces and watching nerdy movies... We are also nature-lovers who enjoy surfing, snowboarding, hiking, Star Wars, quoting movies, and music from the 80's. When we are not photographing we are spending time hanging with our two kids having impromptu kitchen dance parties and spending lots of time outside tending to our fairy garden and pretending like I actually know what I'm doing with our real garden. The fairy garden is flourishing, the vegetable garden, not so much.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
We are located in both Maine and Costa Rica, splitting our time between the two while also covering destinations world wide. We do not charge travel through most of New England, Costa Rica and a few other locations throughout the globe!
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