Silviu-Florin Salomia

Based In: Romania
Phone: +40767863171
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Silviu-Florin Salomia
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About Silviu-Florin Salomia:
I am passionate about what I do and if this allows me to bring a little joy in the life of people I meet, a drop of color and creativity, then everything else is just details. Through my photography, I wish to create unique stories that will pass the test of time and bring a smile or a warm thought over the years. I do not believe in barriers and rules, I am not the adept of a particular style and what I do only depends on the power of imagination. I am always trying to infuse the personality of the subject and the emotion of the moment into what I create.
Where are you located? Do you charge a travel fee for weddings not in your location?
Targu Jiu & Bucharest / Romania - For other location, standard travel fees may apply.
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