Kai Fritze

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Based In: Frankfurt
Phone: +4915776831627
Pricing: €2500 - €4000
Awards Last 3 Years: 3
Lifetime Awards: 11
Kai Fritze
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About Kai Fritze:
I'm lucky you found me in the depths of this vast electronic jungle! I'm Kai and I'm a wedding photographer located in Frankfurt/Germany.  
I chose wedding photography over any other photographic field because it offers such a nice mixture of being a photojournalist and an artist at the same time. I have always loved being creative and working in an artistic job. At the same time I wanted my occupation to be authentic and honest. Keeping in mind that the pictures I create will be treasured for an entire lifetime, by contrast to most other pictures from other photographic fields, makes me proud and is giving my life a great meaning.  
I mainly shoot weddings in Germany, but I also frequently travel all over Europe and sometimes also the USA for weddings from my international customers. I'm looking forward to meet you!


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